Corporate Communication Director LOFT

What will be the innovations that will be in your 2018/2019 AW collection? Can you tell us about your collection and themes?

We are in the preparation period for our 18-19 AW themes. Wild animal prints (such as snakes and leopard) will emphasis a lot, fur collars will be both in female and male collections, purl details will draw the attention, huge pearls and accessories will be used. As LOFT we will take these details in our future collection.

For the supplement of fabric, do you cooperate with local manufacturers?

We purchase fabrics from both local and global producers since our production takes place both locally and globally.

Can you tell us about your creative team? How many collections do you prepare?

Our creative team is composed of 4 fashion designer, 2 graphic designer and 2 creative asistant for women, men and denim collections.

We prepare 2 main collections per year bu we also have 2 sub collections. On the other hand for special days such as eids, we prepare small capsule collections in order to fashion.

Do you cooperate with companies or anyone for your creations?

No we don't have any such cooperations at the moment.

Which direction do you think that denims future will move to due to the effects of technology?

In denim industry, technological fabrics are continiously invented such as fabrics with resistance, durable to heat, washable without water, color change due to the washing, high elasticity. I think that there will be more attractive fabrics in our lives due those this processes.

Can you explain denim industry and branding? Can you evaluate the industry from past to today?

The denim industry in Turkey is very advanced. We provide both fabric and finished products to very well known brand abroad. At the same time we have denim brands which has a big share in the market both locally and globally. Denim market is growing everyday. From past to today; we are now in a period which companies are competing internationally. For this reason we all check the innovation about creations and technology. This is an important improvement for a fashion designer.

What is the meaning of jeans-denim for you?

Denim includes experimantal tastes... Its exciting and captivating.

Denim is reinvented year by year. What are the latest denim trends?

Denim trends change continiously. The chemical reactions does not change frequently but details such as arming, prints, pearls, bead, stamp, files, tulle, pile fabric, gold and silver prints, giant holes make sense and regenerates and becomes attractive.