Bossa, with 66 years of experience, continues to maintain its leadership in the sector.Following the trends and sectoral innovations, the company, offering its customers products that will meet the need of the market, is now preparing to present innovative and authentic products in the SS19 Collection.

Developing 2 collections per year, Bossa aims to design innovative and high added value products in each collection. Among the innovations that Bossa has recently introduced to denim industry; "Dyeart" and "Save blue" technologies. Dyeart saves energy and water while it colors denim.Save blue enables innovative products to be developed in the field of sustainability without overflowing the classcial denim line.

1- First of all, Can you introduce yourself and talk about Bossa Denim, a brand among top 500 industrial corporations guiding world's denim?

I studied chemical engineering in Middle East Technical University.  Started to work in Textile industry, and at that time finished my MBA in Çukurova University.. After working several years in both production and R&D, now I am looking after product development and marketing issues at Bossa since 2006.

Bossa is one of the leading denim manufacturer in Turkey. Since 1951, Bossa is producing innovative, high quality and differentiated fabrics for World wide fashion brands with a high pruduction capacity in spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing ranges.  Our philosophy is to produce customer oriented products, fast response to the clients’ specific needs, on time delivery, widespread market network structure and effective price policies and high customer satisfaction.

With 66 years of experience in textiles and know-how, Bossa presents novelties, trends and oustanding products with different range of colors which are combined with the special finishings together with the constructions, to all its customers.

2- How do Bossa's denim collections emerge? What can you tell us when we speak of the entire design and the actualization process of these designs?

Bossa develops two collections every year. We have a young and dynamic product development and research&development team, who are doing the market searches, visiting the brands, developing the fabrics. We worked with an Italian denim guru Piero Turk, who is supporting us and giving ideas about the new trends. This is the starting point of our collections.  

Our designs are based on a theme, and we are feeding these themes with the new techniques, new constructions and innovations.  Most of the customers want to here from you the trends, and the ideas behind the fabrics. After combining all the parameters together, the fabric is produced and controlled if it meets the standards or not. And now it comes to a point that you have to show this fabric with a correct style, correct fit and correct washing. We have a professional, well trained washing laboratory, that we are trying to do the wash develepments according to the main concept, and according to the customer tastes. After setting of the correct fabric and correct washing and fit, now it is time to present the collection with a well prepared stories and moodboards.

3- What are the latest trends in denim wash practices and sustainable denim ?

When you pronounce denim, you should also consider the washing.   While designing the collections, we get inspired for the washings as well as the styles. Washing plus construction and the color gives identity to the garment.
Sustainability is also very important in washing processes that big amount of water is used in the washing. You should folllow the new techniques both for the washing machines, processes and chemicals.
We started to produce sustainable products, such as recycled cotton and organic cotton in 2006. Every season adding special items to our reset collection. We have several projects that we are presenting to our customers nowadays.

4-What are the new standards in denim design beside criterias such as aesthetics and functionality?

One of the key points in denim design is giving importance to sustainability (using BCI cotton, organic cotton, using recycled yarns and fabrics, using natural dyestuffs and chemicals) like in all sectors in the World .
Besides sustainability, denim nowadays should respond to all needs of the customers. Additional to the aesthetical side, denim should be functional, easy to use and comfortable.
These years we see that the casual and sportswear brands are focusing on denim more than before, that you can now use denim all the time in your life.  Performance and functional denim fabrics allow brands to respond to consumer needs for comfort, style and fit. Taking care of this attitude we promoted our “all in one” concept last year. With one denim fabric, you can use it for skinny for women, skinny for men and boyfirend styles.

5-Bossa Denim has an environmentalist mission. Could you briefly talk about Bossa's understanding of production? How are the issues such as the way of obtaining raw materials used in production, the energy consumed during production, the period of usage, etc. processed in Bossa?

Yes, as you said Bossa has an environmental mission. Bossa plays a biggest role in sustainable production. Our journey was started in 2006,  after that time, “Reset” which we named as our sustainable concept, was become the indispensable concept of all our collections.

Using sustainable materials (organic, BCI, CMIA, GMO free, tencel…), energy efficiency, water saving projects, process engineering, certifications, recylcled raw materials and natural dyeing are some of the sustainable key projects that we focus on.

Textile processing has a very high consumption of water and energy and a large amount of wastewater discharge. Conservation of water resources and the environment have become key issues.  These days we start to produce our own energy in our factory.

6-How the reflections of SS2019 will be? and What direction Do you think Bossa Denim’s desing line head to?

Collection requires novelties and improvements by presenting new techniques, new washings, new constructions blended wih the new range of indigo colors, new compositions and new finishings. Bossa collections create its own character. Our aim is to proceed in that way to feed needs of the market by following the trends and the innovations.  

We wellcome SS19 with a colorfull lightweight denims, high str articles with flat look and soft touch. “Dye art” concept lets us to dye our colorful range of summer inspirations with an ecological (energy and water saving) way.  Blended compositions from bistrecth to power stretch, cfrt to rigid items create the wide spectrum of the collection. Soft handle range of denims in modal and tencel blends were perfect choice for the luxurious end of the market.

All modern versions of authentic jeans look, slubs and cross hatch looks are the second part of our story. 90’s look in power stretch and comfort articles, for boys and girls together. Warp stretch articles, to move comfortably!

And as a last story will present our sustainable part as usual. Organic, recycle, “save blue” and “perfit”. “SAVE BLUE “ concept, after doing some engineering trials, we obtained a fabric, which you use over 50% less water during the production of a fabric. 

7- Bossa is one of the best fabric manufacturers in the world, How did you preserve this position through R & D work?

R&D is one of the key words to improve yourselves day by day. You should look after around the World, and as I said innovations and new technologies are the things that you should follow to meet the needs of the consumer.

These can be a raw material, can be a chemical, process or a machine.  R&D and innovation are strategically important  for Bossa. The only way to create value for the customer is possible with engineering.

Bossa aims to improve the research and development processes, increase the quality of its projects and its brand value through high value-added sustainable production. We are in a period of R&D center application nowadays in order to increase academic cooperation, to participate in various programmes and to be more innovative.

You are an organization that exports to many world famous garment groups.

8- Can you give a brief information about these brands?

We have a World wide sales organization. We are selling abroad as well as the domestic customers. America, Italy, Sweeden, Holand, England, Spain, Morocco, Tunusia, France are some of the biggest countries that we are producing for.  Diesel, Inditex, Mac, Nudie Jeans, Topshop, Replay, Mac, Mavi, Pepe Jeans, Bestseller are some of our biggest customers. As each customer has its own identity, we are developing special projects together with them as well as presenting our collections and trend forecasts. 

9-How do you position Fast Fashion Flow, High-Tech Products and Return-to-natural flows in Denim future and trends ?

As Fashion means a style that  is popular in a particular time, it is not too weird to talk for the fast fashion. But of course it brings to our World a pollution problem. Some of the brands and the producers like us aware of that and want to give a second chance for the unsued garments at our homes. These recycling projects are the important sustainable topics that we want to focus on.

Hi tech products are coming popular time to time. Now the denim buyers are not only the big denim brands,but also the athleisure brands who are searching technical denim that should meet the performance tests such as water repellent, thermo regulations, antibacterial, etc. We produced special fabrics, special fibres and yarns that gives a fabric unique handfeel, and technical properties,

Turning back to the nature, simplicity, is one of an indispensable story as in every  sector. It is not only enough to use a natural dyestuff or natural cotton, you have to make a good combination with a natural handfeel and natural washing effects also to be commercial.

10-Can we talk about new innovations, fabrics, materials and forms of productions in Denim? What are the current innovations Bossa brought to the denim sector?

Every year we are developing 2 seasonal collections. Our aim is to design innovative and high value added products in each collection.  We have developed our new coloring process,” Dyeart”. Dyeart qualities make a significant impact on denim;  while coloring the denim, concept lets us to save energy and water. Save Blue and Perfit concepts are the other latest concepts we proceed and present to our customers. Besides sustainability highest pws articles and both way str articles and wide range of special indigo colors are the key articles. Long term period Bossa created and continue for creating a lot of registered trademarks. Some of the registered trade marks are; Bossa Cares, Dyeart, Bossa Reset, X Play….