Bedriye Kaya Charles

2.Are you cooperating with domestic producers for fabric supply?
Usually yes, we use local fabric suppliers.
3.How many collections do you make per year? And do you have any organization or association in your collections that you plan to cooperate with?
We prepare 2 main collections in a year, summer and winter. In between we have small collections according to customer and marketing requests. It could be a customer collection or a small group for a sustainable project.  And we are continually trying to find new ideas, details and washes.
No, we don't have anyone we collabrate with to prepare the collections. We follow current trends and then make our own selection for fabrics, details and washes suitable for our taste and showroom. WGSN is a good guide in general regarding current denim trends and new ideas, on top of that we follow various pinterest and instagram accounts for different concepts.
3. With the influence of technology, which direction do you think the future of denim will head to?
It will be more sustainable and conscious. At least everyone seems to be trying to do their part with new ideas and technologies. Also with new weaving technologies, bi-stretch, warp stretch, dual core, denim became not only more comfortable but also stronger. Functionality is another focus for the future! 
4.How do you explain the denim sector in Turkey and the branding in this industry? How do you evaluate the industry from past to present day?
Comparing to the past the business got tougher for Turkish suppliers since countries like Bangladesh and India made large investments developing their business and general know how. Their low prices are a major attraction for global retail brands.  
However, Turkey is still a key location for suppliers in the denim business simply because the prices are still much higher in Italy, and in the Far-East the quality and delivery timings do not rival us. We can offer fast, trendy and good quality garments for both collections and production. 
As for branding I don't want to upset anyone but putting a few trendy denim items in a collection doesn't make the brand a 'Jeans Brand'. (If you are calling yourselves a jeans brand)  A denim brand, as we can see from the global retail sector, has a distinct mentality or identity which differs from a fashion brand. 
5. What does Denim mean to you?
Denim as everyone knows and feels is highly symbolic.  Everyone has a denim story, a connection between their jeans and a perfect time in their life.  Denim is freedom, liberty, escape, youth, creativity, authenticity. . . 
And for me personally to design & develop denim is art, fun and passion !
6.Denim has been rediscovered for years. What do you think are the major prominent denim trends?  
Denim changed a lot in both fit and forms. 
     1. Cropped wide - leg is the key fashion fit together with mom pant and cropped straight fit. 
     2. Open hand rigid denim became the new staple. 
     3. Panelled hem, fringed hemline details and  personalised