BAYKANLAR Baykanlar textile; “the future steps and philosophy of denim textile leadership is not anymore to be 'great' but to be ' different, creative and permanent”

The Baykanlar managed to become a leader in global denim clothing not only by the size of its investments, but also by a design-focused collection supported by a visionary management, and a structure that could integrate technology with the workers. The Baykanlar has led its global and developments awareness to sustainable works with the philosophy it created "think to green". We talked about the achievements of the company  and the developments that reached today.



1-      Baykanlar is an institution that continuously strengthens itself by investing in its employees, production and the environment since the day it was founded.Could you briefly explain the Baykans and what is the key to a successful managament in this industry?


We, Baykanlar, are not only one of the biggest denim manufacturing factories in Turkey and also the leading global denim manufacturers with its capacity, know-how and services. The company is established in 1998. Since then we produce designs that represent the inspirational interests and

lifestyles of people on every continent for the brands. Enthusiasm and passion of our cores added us knowhow and global perspective. We operate 2 sites. The headquarter is in Istanbul which includes administrative parts of the company. Management, design&sales teams operates from there. Malatya is our production plant which is empowered by cutting edge technologies and 1500 qualified employees. We produce 8.5 million units annual capacity is being exported to key denim brands. We’re always looking where we can implement technology in our business. This could be in any department. We are continually looking for new technologies, the goal is a data-driven factory where all internal and external activities are connected through the same information platform, where customers, designers and operators can share information on everything from initial concepts, to installation, to performance feedback throughout the lifecycle of a product. Where operators will be able to access materials on

demand, collaborate with robots and rely on virtual work instructions presented at the point of use. We strongly believe in the significance of innovation, sustainability and social compliance. These fundamental criteria are crafted into each product. Imagination fuels the creativity of our designers and washing experts. We encourage them to be free on focusing product design and innovation. Our extensive network for global sourcing and procurement empowers us to produce competitive, qualified and value-added products on time. We provide flexible short lead-time services with regular production in 5-6 weeks and super-fast production in 3-4 weeks for our customers to drive their success on a higher level. Each step of our production is carefully observed to assure the required standards of craftsmanship, quality and reliability. We take action to do the right thing and hold responsibility for our decisions, operations and products in the best interest of our customers.



2-     What does design represent for Baykanlar? and how do this process progress? What are your inspirers when you create your desings and what factors shape your designs? Do you give place to global trens in your designs?


Our collections are our strength as a garment maker. With the collaboration of our creative

designers, rapid prototyping in our sample house and our sales force, we develop 5,000 unique

styles each year for our customers. Roghly makes 100 pieces/week. We choose the inspirational

concepts per season and present collections based on all customers profile from the all new

items. We have dedicated R&D team that experts in design and washing departments.

Our company fully equipped by technological treatments, ozon, lazer, robotic sprays and also

customised handmade operations to fulfil consumers needs . We want to add our signs on the products which empowers our customers collections concerning fashion trends our designers, R&D and sales team visit key markets, fairs and shows across the world.

We try to catch up trends .We do not want to be traditional garment maker. We do also consider new data mining systems in social media and internet . You must know your customer needs and as well as their consumer’s Just like a science to make insights for the brands.


  1. Would you please tell a little bit about Baykanlar's "think to green" philosophy and sustainability works? How do you assess the developments in the sustainable fashion industry?


Literally today’s corporate sustainability means wider business approach that creates long-term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks deriving from social (people), environmental (planet) and economic (profit) developments.


But for us more simple “TRANSPARENCY” includes all sustainable approaches. Working in a transparent way implies openness, communication and traceability from supply chain to the consumers. Material efficiency, green chemistry and technologies, alternative supply chains and zero waste will becoming the new norm in our production. Workers, working environment and rights also the part of social norms. Brands, retailers, consumers want to know more and more what s in their product and the conditions in which are made in. Baykanlar care deeply about new norms of the industry. Today, there are several sustainable product options available. These include organic cotton, fairtrade cotton, recycled polyester made from bottles and jeans that are washed using less water. We consider on below standards as minimum needs for the industry, Oeko-Tex Standart 100,Organic Contentstandart OCS,

Global Organic Textile Standart Gots, Better Cotton Initiative BCI Additionaly our company just been certified by Nordic Ecolabel ”SWAN” as one of the first manufacturer in our industry. We do focus on global & local concerns/standarts of our customers.


As I mentioned before Baykanlar consider sustainable manufacturing processes to the public

in a transparent, credible and clear manner. That s why we ve been working on to get certified

sooner STEP and MADE IN GREEN certifications.


As Baykanlar we see apparel design and manufacturing are changing in a fast pace. And we have embraced sustainability as a platform for innovation. We leverage the cooperative works between our design, R&D, procurement, sales and production teams and suppliers to create more sustainable products for our customers and preserve our planets.


  1. Since you have a designer personality, there is one question we want to ask you in person: How your Jean would be?


 I have no doubt that denim becomes a part of you and your character once you wear it. For me, my jean is more than a reflection of the current trends. It is an essential form of self-expression. In my daily life I usually prefer black, comfortable and modern fits which allow me to move faster. Occasionaly I do also like real saturated indigo hues in medium washes in slightly tapered slim fit and handcrafted