A Closer Look Towards Orta’ S Approach To Sustainability

A Closer Look Towards Orta’ S Approach To Sustainability

We had a pleasant conversation with Orta Anadolu on Sustainability, the backbone of their company philosophy. 

We had a pleasant conversation with Orta Anadolu on Sustainability, the backbone of their company philosophy.

With all the sophisticated technology out there, ORTA believes the call to be more transparent in the manufacturing process is stronger than ever, leading to a more sustainable and stimulating future. ORTA hence puts R&D studies at the heart of all its works, focusing on innovative technologies that promotes more aesthetics and ethics for all.


1-             what are the priorities and future perspectives for your mill?


As ORTA, we envision a denim industry that promotes more ethics and more aesthetics for all with the help of technology. We acknowledge that currently we cannot do everything it takes to make jeans in a sustainable fashion but, we are committed to the future and investing our resources to realize our environmental and social handprint. We believe that today, tools for tracking and reporting negative environmental impacts are becoming increasingly more sophisticated.


2-             do you foresee denim innovation in new end uses? In what ways does the consumer affect the changes in the industry?

Sure. As we look at the future of textiles, we should be able to realize how fashion and technology work hand in hand to shape it and react to the challenging environment surrounding us.

Life sure is confusing for today’s consumer and at this point, if they’ll connect with a brand, they’ll do much more than just consuming a good. The communication between brands and people have long become two way and multi directional. This is why we need to be more transparent than ever before, to take a solid step and to design the future – preferably, together.

As we’ve moved out and developed a desire of a more active life, preferably in the nature, our will to be fit also evolved. Fitness is an undisputed trend, and the smart fitness move is here for good. The market is estimated to grow to $149B by 2021. There are wearables using smart-voice coaching to suggest workout alterations. Others track body composition by breaking down an individual’s weight into muscle, fat, and water. Smart fabrics are prevalent and as ORTA, we can now help the wearer to better perform, and maximize benefits of their activities as well as helping them afterwards via releasing muscle tension, or fatigue thanks to technology.

Technology and fashion feed from each other. Smart textiles are on the rise and being used for environmental and social good. There are so many examples, showing we can always move the future to a better direction, as fashion and technology merge.

3-             what is the meaning of smart denim for your company?

Smart textiles are on the rise and being used for environmental and social good. At Orta Anadolu we put R&D right at the very centre of our core business. Being the innovative partner to our clients has been vital to us since the beginning. We like to grow together with our partners, hence science has a great role on what we do. We believe in the power of “next-nature” and are exploring how nature builds with leading innovation labs for biologically inspired engineering. We dedicated a whole part of our collection to boost power of smart textiles with two containers – INDISENSE and OPTIMA.

INDISENSE is our container where we use smart fibre alternatives injected with next nature extracts and minerals. Indisense collection is full of denim alternatives that are either napped to cool, awaken or refresh. OPTIMA on the other hand is another container of us combining optimal performance with functional properties.

4-             how do you combine sustainability with performance and special function denim?

Sustainability and climate change are so real, we don’t think there is even a way not to consider them when performing. We have been envisioning a more stimulating, a more sustainable future for a while now. All the actions we take at ORTA have a sustainability focus at its core. So, it is no longer only about performance or a specific function, but about being a part of this industry that needs to be more caring about the environment.

The climate change has altered our lives in many ways. To start with, our approach to seasons have changed. Think about yourself this morning, wasn’t it a big decision to choose what to wear? The weather tends to change like 4 times a day. While layering might look as a good solution at first, brands need to offer customers smarter clothing, meaning we should be providing smarter fabrics. Thermoregulation, cooling effects, moisturizing fibres or climate monitoring and control is almost a must now with the ever-changing climate. 


In the last few decades, the metropolitan life was extremely charming and many people decided to leave so many things they now value priceless behind to able to live in a small apartment in the city centre. Now that we realize the crack holes, going back to the nature seems not only right but also fancy. Everyone does it in their own way of course, but the rise in outdoor activities calls for smarter fabrics – UV protection, odour prevention, quick dry, water, dirt or insect repellence and anti-microbial have become vital.


 can you give examples to how this was applied to ORTA’s work? Maybe mention your newest developments with this respect?

The latest project that can be mentioned here would be BIOCHARGE – the newest member of our container OPTIMA. Biocharge is the world’s first denim for muscle wellness. It can be called as intelligent denim infused with an innovative combination of minerals designed and medically proven to refresh muscles with the energy you need to get through the day, while helping support muscle regeneration to reduce stress or tension. It also helps to improve body balance making it a key fabric in sportswear we are assuming.

As mentioned before, sustainability is at the core of all activities at ORTA. The philosophy being embraced by all ORTA members, all new developments and implications of earlier projects are conducted with this in mind. Another point we are so proud to mention is that all new developments in our factory are being produced by INDIGO FLOW now – ORTA’s patent pending process that provides the cleanest and most sustainable method of indigo dyeing. Indigo flow has many positive impacts, well deserving its sustainable title. Some could be listed as: up to 70% reduced water use, energy saving, applicable to many types, GOTS certification